Thursday, February 22, 2007

Caritas India to start micro-credit program

Caritas India, an NGO of Catholic churches of India has indicated that it will start a comprehensive program to save farmers from committing suicide in India.
"An integrated approach to the development of the farmers' region include a sustainable natural resource management, effective micro-credit groups and empowerment of farmers in fighting high suicide rates among marginalized farmers," Fr Varghese Mattamana, Executive Director, Caritas India, said.


"We are planning large-scale intervention against farmers' suicides across the country based on our successful implementation of program in Wynad district, Kerala, where we were able to contain farmers' suicides," Fr Mattamana claimed.

He said more than 2000 poor and marginalized farmers in Wynad who had joined the self-help group development plan of Caritas India did not commit suicide. There are over 250,000 groups established among marginalized communities across India, he said.

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