Saturday, February 24, 2007

Academics criticise Yunus

In the aftermath of Mohammad Yunus deciding to start a political party in Bangladesh, several academics and ex-staff of Grameen Bank have crticised some of his views in a meeting organized for launching a book "Grameen Bank and Dr Yunus: In the View of a Witness" written by former Grameen Bank official Sardar Amin.

The criticisms range from
  1. Yunus entering politics shows microcredit alone cannot solve poor people's problems
  2. Yunus can only help capitalists, not poor people
  3. Out and out privatization is not good for Bangladesh
  4. GrameenPhone is only notionally owned by the poor people but in reality it is owend by a Norwegian company
  5. Yunus may misuse his clout with the Grameen Bank to his own advantage in politics

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