Sunday, April 20, 2008

Micro finance institutions in East India, Forbes List

This Business Standard article mentions several MFIs active in East India namely,
  1. SKS Microfinance
  2. Bandhan
  3. Microcredit Foundation of India
  4. Sadhana Microfin Society
  5. Grameen Koota
  6. Asmitha Microfin Ltd
  7. Share Microfin
  8. BISWA
  9. Kas foundation
  10. Prochesta
  11. Youth Volunteers Union
This article also mentions a Forbes ranking list. So I searched for it and got this list.


Lindsay said...

Badri-I came across your blog this morning, and in light of this post, - wanted to tell you about a resource you may or may not know about--Microfinance Insights. It is a quarterly print magazine focused on global trends and analyses of the sector. We publish out of Mumbai, and are owned by Intellecap, the consulting firm focused on social businesses. This quarter we have a commentary on the Forbes top 50 list of MFIs. You can view highlights of issue 7 at

Lindsay Clinton, Editor

Badri said...

Thanks. I have ordered a one-year subscription to this magazine just now.