Thursday, August 23, 2007

A profile of Kotalipara Development Society

Business Standard profiles a West Bengal based micro finance entity Kotalipara Development Society (KDS) in this article. Hear the stories of Najima and Purnima.
Najima [a 25-year-old woman] took a loan of Rs 3,000 to buy a sewing machine from KDS. She had to deposit Rs 300 while taking the loan and had to pay Rs 75 per week till she repaid the entire sum.

“I have borrowed money four times from KDS to expand my business. The last time I borrowed Rs 15,000,” [Najima] said.


[Purnima, a 38-year-old woman] received only primary education and had to discontinue due to financial constraints.

“I make saris. But when I started off I had no money to buy fabrics or sewing machines. I borrowed Rs 5000 from KDS. I paid Rs 125 every week till I repaid the entire amount,” Purnima said.

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