Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yunus upsets Bangladeshi politicians

This had to happen.

Muhammad Yunus has now succeeded in uniting the two warring political parties in Bangladesh - for one cause. To criticise Yunus.

Yunus, with his global fame after the Nobel Peace Prize, told AFP that politicians in Bangladesh as a class are dishonest and they are in politics only for money. (Which, I think is entirely true, not only in Bangladesh, but also in India and Pakistan and most other countries.) However, certain truths should not be told publicly, and bluntly.

BNP and Awami League - the two main political parties, aggressively fighting each other (I mean, not just ideologically but also with knives and stones!) to win the next general elections, have both criticised Yunus for being unfair and "jingoistic".

For more details: One | Two | Three

Yunus was recently offered the post of the caretaker chief of the country (a tradition in Bangladesh when one Government leaves and the elections have to be held for choosing the next Government), but declined.

The work Yunus is doing in Bangladesh still requires some support from those in power. If not anything, the Government has the ability to harm the good work microcredit can do, by simply bringing in more and needless regulation.

Yunus should be wiser in deciding what to say aloud and what not.

A defamation suit has also been filed against Yunus. Gulf News says, "Advocate Nazrul Islam Chunnu, joint general secretary of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) in Mymensingh in northern Bangladesh, filed a defamation suit against Younus, the New Age newspaper reported."

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