Monday, December 11, 2006

Yunus on BBC HardTalk

I couldn't find the video or transcript of this in BBC HardTalk site at this stage. This was telecast in India on Sunday (10th Dec 2006).

Stephen Sackur queried Yunus on some uncomfortable questions. One was about Yunus joining politics. Yunus was categorical in stating that he will not be joining the politics, that he understands the problems faced by his country in the political space but he doesn't know the answers. He said he is better at his current job but could be a total failure if he goes to politics. It was however clear that Yunus felt uncomfortable in dealing with this question.

Yunus found himself weak again dealing with questions on whether credit should be considered a 'human right'. Sackur quoted another economist and former microcredit proponent who now believes that education and training are far more important that microcredit. Yunus did not deal with this question as good as he should have.

I missed the early part of this interview, so need to wait until the transcript comes up in the BBC site.

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