Saturday, October 21, 2006

West Bengal Govt. claims better micro credit implementation

If you are in micro credit, you have to now compare yourself with what Yunus has achieved.

The West Bengal minister for self-help groups Rekha Goswami claims the following:
"We have been stressing micro-credit since the nineties, but have been able to make it work very successfully for the past two or three years," she said.

The West Bengal model, she claimed, was far superior to the one created by Mohammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. "In Bangladesh, the government does not support Yunus," she said.
I have no idea what they have achieved in West Bengal. They are inviting Yunus to come to Kolkata for some awards and celebrations! I hope the minister can teach a trick or two to Yunus!

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Anonymous said...

we have develop some SHG in Puruliya,hOW TO IMPLEMENT MICRO FINANCE